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I am a social psychology professor at Austin College in Sherman, Texas. My interests are in intergroup relations particularly as they relate to collective identity. I have done research on ethnic identity, sexual orientation identity, prejudice towards Muslims and perceptions of ethnic identity. In addition, John Williams (the College chaplain) and I are co-chairing the Austin College President’s Committee on Inclusion and Diversity. I am also the dean of the Social Sciences division.

I did my undergraduate work at Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges and my graduate work at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I have been a professor since 1993.

I am originally from Boston. I have played keys and cello in church worship bands. I enjoy running, basketball and ultimate frisbee. I also enjoy adventure travel, have visited every continent (yes, including Antarctica!), and summited Mount Kilimanjaro February of 2011. April of 2016 I ran the Boston Marathon, my hometown race! BOSTON STRONG!!!